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Tamara Ann Hancock Dec 01, 1960 - Jan 07, 2020

Tamara “Tam” Hancock

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Tamara Ann Hancock, age 59, a longtime resident of Marcus Hook, was called home to be with Jesus on January 7, 2020 peacefully surrounded by her beloved fur-babies at her residence.


Tammy was raised in Marcus Hook. She attended Pennsylvania Institute of Technology as well as The Dawn Institute. She was employed at AmeriHealth Caritas. 


Tammy loved cooking for everyone! She enjoyed spending time at the beach with friends and going camping with her family. Tammy’s love and compassion for her fur-babies was amazing. Tammy truly was a Warrior in all ways! 


She was the daughter of Thomas and Dolores (Yanick) Hancock. 


Survivors: Her Sister, Vanessa Kehler and her husband Barry of Shamokin, Pa.


Nieces/Nephews: Chelsie Cossari, Kirstyn Kehler, Rodney Cossari and Mason Kehler of Shamokin, Pa.


Many Cousins along with many dear friends, co-workers and caregivers.


VISITATION: Thursday from 5-6:45 pm at Nolan-Fidale Funeral Home Ltd., 5980 Chichester Ave., Aston, PA. Memorial Service: Thursday at 7:00 pm at Nolan-Fidale Funeral Home

BURIAL:  Private. In Lieu of Flowers: Donations can be made to the Providence Animal Shelter at or the ASPCA at


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Nolan-Fidale Funeral Home

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Begins: Jan 16, 2020 7:00pm - 7:30pm

5980 Chichester Ave

Aston, PA 19014


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Sonja says:

Submitted on: Jan 14, 2020

If I could talk with you? I'd say I'm sorry. I have very few regrets in life. For I tried hard to be in front of my feelings. Acknowledging them. Understanding them. You? I lost my perspective. I lost how to communicate. And now? I've lost the chance to tell you in person. I love you. I wanted to share time with you. Yet, here I sit in a room with no chance to ever get to hug you. I regret few things in my life. However, little did I know one of my greatest regrets would be missing out on you. Tamara life is beyond the world we live in. And I pray you are sitting with your mom and that all the other souls can hear your soul laughter. You always shined with a brightness, and I will forever regret not being able to hold your hand, hug you and look into your beautiful blue eyes while we shared a laughter. Most importantly. I regret never being able to hold you in your time of pain. In a time of a peaceful place with you. May the angels deliver my words to you. May you truly come to know how much you have always meant to me. Please forgive me that in life here on this tiny planet I never got to bring you flowers and I never got to hold your hand.

Catherine Wood says:

Submitted on: Jan 14, 2020

Tamara Ann Hancock was born in Danville PA, and lived much of her life in Marcus Hook, PA. On January 7, 2020 at the too-tender age of 59 Tam left this world and strode directly into the waiting arms of her dearly-missed mom (and the paws of her beloved Tiki) on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. She passed away peacefully, as she wanted: at home and surrounded by her cherished fur babies. == The daughter of Thomas and Dolores (Yanick) Hancock, she is survived by her “children” Kanga, Roux, Amy, Holly and Buggles as well as Chosen Family, (which also includes treasured friends and beloved co-workers – because to Tam, everyone she cared about became Family – Olive Garden had nothing on her…) == Tam was employed as a Configuration Analyst at AmeriHealth Caritas where she was encircled by some of the most loving co-workers imaginable. For someone who hated technology and needed help to watch a movie on Netflix, Tam was pretty good at telling computers how to adjudicate highly-complex health care claims. She never mastered the GPS – saying “that lady doesn’t know where she’s going”, but she did (eventually) make friends with Alexa and derived great joy in making her turn the lights on and off in the house or having her pull up obscure music selections that hadn’t tickled her ears in decades. In her early years, Tam spent many weekend nights “playing out” as the lead singer in a band that rocked their way across northern Pennsylvania. This was during her Fiero era, when she’d tool around in her sporty little car (no GPS needed then) with the stereo blasting and her powerful voice practically eclipsing the speakers, a ring on every finger tapping along to the music. But Tam was a country girl at heart, and those were the songs she and Alexa sang at home – ballads of simpler lives and strong love. Tanya Tucker’s “Strong Enough to Bend” ( and more recently “Bring My Flowers Now” ( were her anthems. == Her faith sustained her – she mourned the loss of Immaculate Conception, the little Italian church in Marcus Hook, where she felt so at home. But she found God everywhere and dragged him out with her on walks and shopping. Her email signature at work included the line “have a blessed day”, but she interpreted that also as “try to bless others all day.” She felt, especially after she realized the health challenges she was facing, that God had a purpose for her and that people were drawn to her for a reason. Tam extended her giving spirit and listening ear to strangers and friends alike. People would stop her in the grocery store to ask a question about an ingredient and before long they were trading phone numbers and recipes and encouragement – and coupons. She befriended the widowed neighbor she met walking his dog by her house and ordered pizza for the family next door when things were tough. She was a warm and compassionate force of nature and a fierce defender of those she cared for. If she liked you, you knew it. If she didn’t, well – you knew that too, and she would just utter “like me or not, I gotta go…” == Tam had a special place in her heart for abused animals, the elderly and the infirm. She would nurse back to health – or to heaven – stray injured animals she found in the yard and briefly had a young opossum as a roommate when he escaped the bucket she had placed him in while he healed from his injuries. Her life-long dream was to save ALL the animals, and she would have had no greater joy than to be living in a log cabin in the middle of a farm full of them, with episodes of “Dr. Quinn”, “Little House on the Prairie” and “the Waltons” looping on the TV. She planned to name it “Ellie Mae’s Critter Camp.” == Tam lived simply, in order to be able to generously give to those in need - whether that was of her time, her money or her cooking. And if her faith sustained her, so did food. Her biggest weaknesses were bread - and, well – more bread. With butter. She was always cooking “just to smell up the house” – and to share with anyone that she could. You couldn’t walk past Tam’s house without a four-bag minimum of treats, leftovers, some obscure new cheese she found or your favorite sweets she just happened to buy for you – by the case. Neighbors would remark about the smells of pot roast and onions and garlic wafting out of her windows and down the street, their mouths watering. “Tamburgers”, her signature chili, her private recipe for lemonade and her homemade pasta sauce were all legendary. One of her favorite expressions? “Love you to the fridge and back.” == And if cooking was a passion, shopping to support her passion was an obsession. There was always some new gadget, saucepan, knife or tool to make her creations better or easier or faster. She wouldn’t buy one – she’d buy three – one for herself and two to share her discovery with friends. HSN and QVC have already sent their condolences and are projecting a downward trend in sales this year due to Tam’s passing. == She had a language all her own, a mix of an upstate mountain dialect, choice Polish words and descriptive terms. Teeth were “choppers”, a “clissic” was a small bowl, “kookajingies” were the crusty little bits of dirt that gathered in the corner of the dogs’ eyes. “Pigeons” didn’t fly, they were a special type of cabbage roll. “School bugs” were cicadas – because they started making noise about the time kids were heading back to school. Tam was known to utter the phrases “Peace on Earth!” , “Keep me Near (the cross)”, and in moments of extreme frustration: “Oy Vey!” to make a point. == And only Tam could turn chemo into a social event: she was grateful for the excellent care she received from Dr. Swaab, Dr. Abdulhay and Dr. Haith of Crozer-Chester Medical Center, and their amazing teams. Without these three incredible doctors, Tam’s time with us would have been cut from years to mere months. Tam’s biggest hugs were reserved for the wonderful chemo nurses who gave her a warm, loving environment, answered her questions and soothed her fears. Not unusual for Tam, she seemed to do the same thing for them, and she encouraged many other patients in their battles. Her semi-weekly trips to chemo with her pockets full of Werther’s candies and treats for the girls made treatment not only bearable but a happy time. == A while ago, a good friend of hers gave her a new nickname and it stuck. She dubbed her “Tushka” , a Choctaw word meaning “warrior” – and fight she did. ======================================= VISITATION: Thursday from 5-6:45 pm at Nolan-Fidale Funeral Home Ltd., 5980 Chichester Ave., Aston, PA. Memorial Service: Thursday at 7:00 pm at Nolan-Fidale Funeral Home LUNCHEON: Please join us at the Sage Diner In Boothwyn anytime after 7 pm Thursday evening. Tam wouldn’t want you to go home hungry. BURIAL: Private. In Lieu of Flowers: Donations can be made to the Providence Animal Shelter at , the ASPCA at or Big Guy, Littles World Sanctuary

Cheryl McGinley says:

Submitted on: Jan 14, 2020

T-Bone- The world became a much dimmer place when your magical, beautiful & bright soul left us. You were one of the most precious hearts that I've met along this journey of life. I'm so heartbroken that God has called you home, but as you have always told me, God calls us home on his terms & at his time. He knew you were ready even if the rest of us weren't. I know you are up there with Ma Dolly & the rest of your circle jabbering away like a bunch of baba's. I will always remember that 1,000 watt smile, your Stevie obsession, when you said remember this song when the Landslide takes me down, all of our crazy/ fun/even the sad times, the fact that Cat said we had our own language, lol, I will remember it all with a smile & a tight tug on my heartstrings. That one saying is so true that says It's not about this or that in life but about how you made people feel in the end that matters & you my beautiful friend, epitomized that with the many people you touched along this journey of life that will never be forgotten. Although time & distance may have separated us, the memories we shared & the memory of you will be tethered to my heart forever. Rest easy, my friend..I love you. Until we meet again.

Susan Clark says:

Submitted on: Jan 13, 2020

Tammy was a good hearted woman who loved celebrations. Sampling her cooking was always a treat and she truly loved her doggie babies. We will miss you Tammy. May you enjoy eternal peace in the arms of The Good Lord.

Kathleen A. Kerin says:

Submitted on: Jan 13, 2020

Tam was a unique and amazing soul. In addition to her many humorous tales and discussions about cooking, when the conversation was over or the email complete, she would often leave them with the words, .... "Have a blessed day." I got to thinking the other day about the old Motel 6 commercial know, the one that always ended with, "We'll leave a light on for you." Jesus leaves the light on for all of us ... helping us to find our way home; Tam has found her way home too. She is there; there in the house of the Lord. The house with a light in the window for all of us to follow. "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it." John 1:5 In addition to the light of Christ, Tam's light - a light she depended on right up to the moment she went home to be with the Lord - was a night light. A night light in the shape of a Cat. A night light that, even when the light of day shone through the window, for some reason just never went out. A night light that had hands and feet; and heart and spirit. A night light that was miraculously able to care for and nurture the human in its house. A night light that even though unplugged, still had the most amazing power to give light and shine on Tam. That night light is the reason Tam was able to find her way on earth for these many, many years. That night light, in the shape of a Cat was a goodly part of the reason Tam was able to go in peace to the house of the Lord; looking for the light in the window that Jesus left on for her. God shines God's light on all of us; a light that is FOR all of us. Welcome home Tam, and joyous love to your night light for the many years of your journey in life - Cat. - Pastor Kathleen