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Nolan-Fidale, Bethel Township, PA

preplanning At a time when most people are distracted by grief and uncertainty, gentle, knowledgeable guidance not only relieves stress but also permits a family to grieve in peace. At Nolan-Fidale, we understand the importance of the grieving process...

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Below is a listing for current and recent funerals being handled by Nolan-Fidale. Friends and family of the deceased are invited to submit their condolences. These notes will be compiled and given to the next of kin. Please select a name to see specific arrangements. If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current Visitations

Name (last, first) Date of Death
H. Louise Gelston 10/19/2014
Margaret A. "Peg" (Moccia) McNelly 10/21/2014
Joseph J. Delozier Jr. 10/23/2014
John P. "Jack" Donaghy 10/22/2014

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Saturday, October 25, 2014